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RepOD – Repository for Open Data – is an online platform designed for open sharing of research data. Its purpose is to serve all researchers in Poland who would like to share their data on the Internet, so that any interested parties – other scientists and people from outside the academic community – can use it. By “scientific data” we mean all data that is produced, collected or annotated for the purpose of scientific research. RepOD is intended for so-called “small data”, generated during research conducted by individual scientists or small project teams. The purpose of our repository is to create a place where such data can be stored and shared with others.

RepOD is maintained by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling of the University of Warsaw (ICM UW) as part of the services run by the Open Science Platform (PON) – a centre for the development of Polish open scientific resources. Among the services run by PON are also the CeON Repository – an open repository for scientific texts (articles, books, chapters, doctoral dissertations, etc.) – and Open the Book, which hosts digital versions of scientific books written by Polish scientists. PON also maintains the Library of Science – a platform for Polish open scientific journals.