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RepOD API Guide

This instruction explains how to use the RepOD API to upload files to the repository. We recommend using the API if the size of a single file exceeds 200 MB.

  1. Please install the Python packages:

    If you are using Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux:
    sudo pip install requests-toolbelt
    sudo pip install clint

  2. Go to the user interface (UI) and create a draft of your dataset.
  3. Copy your API key from your user profile:
    Download and modify the following script:
    Script modifications:
    should be your private key, copied from your user profile (
    identifier of your dataset
    name of the resource (file) that you want to upload
    URL of the resource (file)
    ('filename', open("/folder/filename.txt", 'rb')
  4. Run the script.

The full CKAN API documentation is available here: