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Data for Study "Google Web and Image Search Visibility Data for Online Store"

This data contains a Google search engine visibility data. Visibility of a domain name in search engine can be evaluated based on four data metrics and five data dimensions.

Data metrics

  1. clicks volume,
  2. impressions volume
  3. click trough ratio,
  4. ranking position.

Data dimensions

  1. queries,
  2. pages,
  3. country of origin,
  4. type of device,
  5. date of search.

Search engine visibility data is obtained from Google Search Console for international online store which is visible in 240 countries and territories for period of 15 months. Data contains 123K clicks and 4.86M impressions for web search and 22K clicks and 9.07M impressions for image search.

Publisher: RepOD

Publication year: 2019

Type of resource: Dataset

Area of study: Social sciences

License for files: CC-BY-4.0

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Author Affiliation
Strzelecki, Artur University of Economics in Katowice

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Strzelecki, A. (2019) Data for Study "Google Web and Image Search Visibility Data for Online Store". RepOD.

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