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Trust in healthcare

The dataset is covering a three-stage experiment in an unchanging group of respondents. The experiment was conducted from 18 September 2015 to 26 January 2016 in Polish two medium-sized enterprises, on the occasion of a multi-staged training program concerning quality systems. The training was conducted in permanent groupings and on all organizational levels, what assured constant composition of the groups as well as demographically diverse research sample. At all stages, the level of trust in a physician, the medical profession, hospitals, and the payer (NFZ) was surveyed. Between the first and the second stage, the period of one month was kept, to minimize the likelihood that participants could remember their previous responses and influence test results. In order to determine whether the change was permanent, the third stage was carried out two months after the second one. Trust in a physician and the medical profession was measured using 5 element scales developed by Dugan, Trachtenberg and Hall (2005). To estimate the level of trust in the payer (NFZ) and hospitals, a 4 and 3 element scales developed by Egede and Ellis (2008) were applied. The questionnaires were translated into Polish and to ensure accuracy, they were translated back to check whether its meaning remained the same. For each question, a Likert scale was used, and respondents were asked to choose an answer from the following range: 1. Strongly Disagree, 2. Disagree, 3. Neutral, 4. Agree, 5. Strongly Agree.

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Publication year: 2019

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Area of study: Social sciences

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Lewandowski, Roman University of Social Sciences

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