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X-ray diffraction data sets of Ni complex (May 2019 Warsaw)

Raw single-crystal X-ray diffraction multi-temperature data sets for photocrystallographic studies of half-sandwich nitro nickel(II) complex with the NHC ligand. The abbreviations for the data sets are as follows: [temperature in Kelvin]-[crystal no.]-[experiment type], where [experiment type] is either "dark" (no light exposure) or "irr-temperature" (sample after irradiation at a specified temperature). Examples: 100K-1-dark = data set measured at 100 K for crystal no. 1 in the absence of light (sample was not irradiate); 175K-2-irr-145K = data set measured at 175 K for crystal no. 2 which was previously irradiated with light at 145 K. For more details on experiments see original publication.

Publisher: RepOD

Publication year: 2019

Type of resource: Dataset

Area of study: Natural and mathematical sciences

Funder: National Science Centre Poland

Funding program: PRELUDIUM

Grant number: 2017/25/N/ST4/02440

License for files: CC0-1.0

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Author Affiliation
Kutniewska, Sylwia Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw
Kamiński, Radosław Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw
Buchowicz, Włodzimierz Department of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology
Jarzembska, Katarzyna Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw

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Kutniewska, S.; Kamiński, R.; Buchowicz, W.; Jarzembska, K. (2019) X-ray diffraction data sets of Ni complex (May 2019 Warsaw). RepOD.

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